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When Living room sessions began...

We had a strong sense that God wanted this to be a weekend where women would come find rest and be lavishly loved on through every detail. Each detail is thought out and prayed through with hopes that any attending would be overwhelmed with how much God loves them. That being said, Living Room Sessions only happens with the donations and generous gifts of others. You Are doesn't make profit off of LRS and is so happy we have been able to keep the price as low as possible by covering some of the cost ourselves and through the gifts of others. We wanted to give you the opportunity to "Pay It Forward" by making a donation to our 2018 Living Room Sessions! Or perhaps by inviting others to apply for our spring sessions (details coming soon!). If someone you encourage to apply is able to attend and you are interested in giving towards their specific registration fee, you can email us at info@youareconference with those details and we will get it worked out! To make a donation click the button below.

Pay It forward